Article Submission

Article Submission refers to an off-page SEO technique in which you write an article and publish it on the third-party website. It is a method by which you write articles that are related to your business and add them to the famous article submission directories.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is an online service which allows users to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents. Many online bookmark management services have launched since 1996; Delicious, founded in 2003, popularized the terms "social bookmarking" and "tagging".

Forum Submission

Forum submission is the way of online Discussion sites. To Discuss, you point out your given topic and submit your feedback to the Topic and your website name or It is a way to share knowledge also it helps a website by collecting backlinks. Lots of people come to the forum site to know about something or to learn.

Directory Submission

Directory submission is defined as the practice of submitting your website URL and its details on the web in a directory under a particular category. This is a way which helps you to improve your link building. Directory Submission is an off page factor which helps to optimize your webpage.

Image Submission

Image submission in SEO simply means leaving images related to your website in different image submission or sharing sites. Image submission involves choosing the right image, file format, alternate text, and image description. There are two ways in which you can make image submission.

Question Answer Websites

The following is a list of websites that follow a question-and-answer format. The list contains only websites for which an article exists, dedicated either wholly or at least partly to the websites

Blog Commenting Submission

Blog comments are one of the easiest ways to make your blog interactive, to get backlinks on your website and to drive traffic on your blog. Effective Blog commenting strategy will make your backlinks graph grow.

PPT Submission

PPT Submission is the part of Off-Page of Search Engine Optimization. This is the technique of presenting the informative content on all social media platforms and on other different submission platforms to get good quality backlinks for your website.

PDF Submission

PDF submission websites can be very useful in boosting your ranking on Google. PDF submission SEO is a regular SEO Task, If done carefully this can give your website high authority & traffic. Here are few PDF submission tips for to get maximum out your PDF submission.

Press Release Submission

Press release submission refers to writing about new events, products or services of the company and submitting it to PR sites. It is an off-page SEO strategy the helps popularize your events, products or services on the web to improve SEO of your site.

Ping Submission

Ping Submission is a process of telling Google bots to crawl and index our website fast in Search engine result pages. Pinging your website's latest post in ping submission sites will help in fast indexing and crawling of the post in the search engine.